Welcome to New Sahar! We’re happy you’re here.

“Sahar”, which translates to ‘dawn/early morning’ in the Urdu language, is the heartbeat behind our belief that each day brings a new opportunity for hope, possibilities, healing, and growth. No matter what has or hasn’t happened yesterday, today we’ve been given a new chance.

Who We are:

We are a team of two sisters who are Licensed Therapists in beautiful Southern California with 14 years of  combined experience. Growing up in a bicultural home we often wished to connect with those who had a shared experience but this was often elusive. We are passionate about creating what may also seem elusive to our clients; a space in which they are seen, heard, valued.

Our Services:

We provide professional, licensed therapy to individual, couples and families.

Our Experience and Focus:

Treatment of teens, treatment of children (0-5), anxiety, depression, faith counseling, grief/loss, dual-culturalism, traumatic memory, life transitions, building healthy relationships, self-esteem, chronic disappointment, family of origin challenges and culturally sensitive topics.